Joey Andromeda (new_evolution) wrote,
Joey Andromeda

Only thing to do is jump over the moon.

Now is time for the story of my weekend.

On Saturday evening, Joe and I went out to dinner at a really good pan-Latin restaurant that I forget the name of. Then we went back to East Quad, listened to some music, and messed about. I was scheduled to watch a movie (Born Into Brothels) at 10:00 with some people from my women's studies class as part of a group project we're doing, so I left shortly before then. Unfortunately (or not), due to either my own lousy sense of direction, the evil of Mapquest, or both, I was unable to locate the house at which we were supposed to meet. After wandering lost for about half an hour, slightly unnerved by the lack of streetlights (it was a fairly safe-looking residential neighborhood, but I still get freaked out by city darkness), I came to the junction of East University Street and the unfamiliar street I was on, thought "Fuck it," and followed East U. back to East Quad to rejoin Joe. I told him of my misadventure, and we planned to rent and watch Born Into Brothels sometime later. We listened to the entire soundtrack of RENT (original Broadway cast recording), which was magnificent, and now I really need to see the movie when it comes out on DVD or the play if I ever get the chance. We messed about more, and I ended up spending the night there again. This time his roommate voluntarily kicked himself out, so it was a bit less precarious, although there was still the danger of falling off the loft bed.

In the morning (well, early afternoon) we went to brunch at the East Quad cafeteria and were joined after awhile by members of the Mafia crew (She-Alex, Jesse, E-Beth, and Adam) and hung out there for a few hours. This period of time, I think, was when I failed to notice that it was time to catch the performance of The Vagina Monologues that my women's studies group had also agreed to see as part of our project, and that I had already bought a fucking eleven-dollar ticket for. I did not kick myself for this until much later; at the time, I was having too much fun.

A little later in the afternoon, the two of us travelled to my dorm, listened to some of my music, and did things. Around seven, we went back down to central and ate dinner at East Quad, where we ended up sitting at a table with Jesse and two girls and a guy who I did not know. The girls, one of them in particular (Sarah, I think her name was? Maybe not, sometimes I suck with names). Fun was had. David Bowie was brought into the conversation at one point, and I wasn't even the one responsible for that. And we talked about sex a lot, probably causing the people at surrounding tables to wish we'd keep our voices down, but this is never something to care about. Sarah (?) was talking about her pretty-boy significant other, and I asked if he'd ever make out with guys for her entertainment. She said no and was rather displeased about this. Jesse, at one point, used the expression, "Bone her like you mean it." Also there was much talk of swollen vaginas. Around this time was when I realized I'd missed The Vagina Monologues and cursed my own idiocy.

After Joe and I left, as we were walking down East U, he said, "Just for the record, since we were talking about it at dinner, I would make out with a guy for you." That merited squealing and hugs from me. Shortly afterward, I reached into my jacket pocket for one of my gloves and accidentally whipped out my bra that was in there (don't ask). How is it that I am past being embarassed by such occurrances? I laughed my ass off and felt no shame. It reminded me of the unexpected-bra-in-sleeping-bag incident from that one time at Kat's house.

We went to the undergrad library to check out Born Into Brothels from the Askwith Media Library, but that particular part of the building was closed. So we went to Liberty Street Video to see if they had it; they did, but it was checked out, and the only other copy they had was only available for purchase rather than rental. We rented Boys Don't Cry instead, just for the hell, and brought it back to my room and watched it. 'Twas very sad at the end, very disturbing at other times, very emotionally affecting all 'round. After we finished it, Joe stayed with me until just before the buses stopped running.

Other than the whole missing-importang-women's-studies-stuff thing and the fact that Kat and I had meant to talk on the phone at some point but didn't, I couldn't have asked for a better two days.
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