Joey Andromeda (new_evolution) wrote,
Joey Andromeda

So last night, Joe called me up and asked if I wanted to study together, I said yeah, and we went to the grad library and did so. 'Tis lucky he had that idea, 'cos otherwise I wouldn't have done any studying for my linguistics midterm (which is tomorrow). I've never spent much time in the grad library before; I now know that I should go there to do homework more often because the atmosphere somehow forces one to concentrate. Anyway, after we both got tired of the subjects we were reading about, we got Y Tu Mama Tambien from the media library and came back here to watch it. Fucking great movie--realistic, emotional without being melodramatic, and erotic as all hell. Even the heterosexual bits completely failed to disgust me. And even if they had, the delightful boy-kiss towards the end would have made it all worthwhile.

At the end of the movie, we of course were both in a certain frame of mind, so certain developments occurred, and while we the middle of something (I was sans vêtiments, which should give you some idea), we heard the terrifying sound of my roommate's keycard in the lock. I shouted, "SHIT, don't come in!" and scrambled under the bedspread with all due haste. Once I was covered, we both called out that she could enter, but she'd gone.

Disaster averted, we re-dressed and went back to East Quad--just to sleep together, not to do anything further. For the rest of the night, we kept repeating, "SHIT, don't come in!" and laughing uproariously. Now I'm back home (uh...I mean dorm), and I haven't seen Abby yet today. I'm really curious as to how she'll behave around me. Incidentally, I think Joe's roommate is starting to wish we'd both die, or at least fall off the loft bed and get injured.
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