Joey Andromeda (new_evolution) wrote,
Joey Andromeda

Bitches love me 'cos they know I can identify morphemes.

Mighty christ, it's nice out again today. I now fear what kind of hellacious weather the rest of the winter will bring. Plagues of ice-locusts, perhaps.

Joe came over here last night. We learned that the study lounge in this dorm is not a good place to study if one actually wishes to get any work done. But I got my laundry done, which is something. Joe ended up sleeping over, and this morning we skipped our respective first classes in favor of more enjoyable activities.

My linguistics midterm was a fucking breeze. I got there about five minutes late and finished the test fifteen minutes early.

Abby wants me to sweep the room. I hate sweeping; I'm allergic to dust, so said chore makes my nose turn into a working model of Mt. Vesuvius. But I suppose it shall have to be done.
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