Joey Andromeda (new_evolution) wrote,
Joey Andromeda

Last night when I was feeling like shit, Joe came over again and gave me good advice, which I may not have wanted to hear but probably needed to, and sympathy. We went to the grad library to get some work done, then came back here. We hung out for a while with Dorm Keith, who happens to be a friend of Joe's. We found out from him that Abby apparently thinks we were having sex with her in the room night before last--what the fuck? Yes, I know she can't see what we're doing when we're on the bottom bunk and she's above us, but if we'd been having sex, she would've known beyond the shadow of a doubt. First, I don't bone people within a week of meeting them, and second...with my roommate in the goddamned room? I think I need to set her straight on that at some point. Also, it bothers me that she didn't say anything to me about it, but freaked out to Caitlin and was overheard by Rohit, who told Joe about it on the bus, who told me that she'd freaked out but didn't know exactly what she said, prompting us to ask Keith about it. Anyway, Joe ended up spending the night again, which is probably not good for the roommate dynamics, but I'll only be living with her for another few months anyway.

I got my anthro midterm written. It's due in lecture in half an hour. 'Tis not my best work, but something beats nothing.
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