Joey Andromeda (new_evolution) wrote,
Joey Andromeda

Today was my very first Crutchless Day. I gimped downtown in my big plastic boot to hang out with Jasmine and Mirinda. We had lunch at Seva (roasted veggie and goat cheese wrap--delicious) and did some shopping. At The Getup, Jasmine bought a tennis dress and a pair of roller skates, both magnificently '70s, and I absolutely cannot wait until she posts pictures of herself wearing them on Myspace or Facebook, because it will be amazing. I bought a nifty plaid hat. We wound up in Borders, where I got Father's Day gift for my dad (The Yiddish Policeman's Union by Micheal Chabon, which I really want to read. Is it bad to give someone a present on the condition that they must lend it to you at some point? Maybe I'll just get it out of the library). I hadn't planned to buy anything else for myself, but we were sitting in the poetry section, as is often Mirinda's wont, and a copy of William Blake's The Marriage of Heaven and Hell caught my eye, and it was only five bucks, so I figured why not.

Anyway, the real point of this entry: I can walk! Slowly!
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