Here begins a brand new line.

And in the distance there's a gathering that no longer seems so far away...

Joey Andromeda
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My old writing textbook on audiences:
"When you write, you rarely receive immediate response from readers. Most of the time you don't know exactly how readers will react to what you write. You have to think consciously about your readers and anticipate how they might respond."

Neil Gaiman on audiences:
"I suppose if pushed I'd have to admit that the audience I'm mostly writing for, when I'm writing, is, er, me. Or someone a lot like me, who's read a lot and likes the same kinds of thing in a story that I do."

David Sedaris on audiences:
"I meet people on my tour but I have no idea how to pander to them."

For you, my potential audience, I have one important caveat: Do not read this blog if you are afraid of words. Vulgar words, ten-dollar words, made-up words, blunt words and circumspect words--I use them all, and plenty more besides. Linguaphobia has no place here.

That's all I want to say for now. You'll learn the rest as you go.